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New York Academy of Art

New York, New York

September 2016-May 2018

M.F.A in Painting, Concentration in Anatomy

  • Life Drawing, Painting, Advanced Artistic Anatomy (Dissection), Ecorché Intensive, Anatomical Drawing, Structural Anatomy, Comparative Anatomy, History of Theory and Composition, Technical Narrative, Art & Culture, Supplemental education from weekend intensive "Master Classes" in painting, drawing, and sculpture. 

  • Received the Martha and Walter Erlebacher Commencement Award for excellence in the study of Anatomy, as well as the Vasari Artists' Oil Colors Award.


Art Students League

New York, New York

Intermittent 2015-Present

Drawing and Painting

Pratt Institute

Brooklyn, NY

May 2014

B.F.A in Fine Arts/Painting, Minor in Art History

  • Drawing, Painting, Anatomy, Light/Color/Design, Symbolic Imagery, Painting Materials and Techniques, Printmaking, Ceramics, Typography, Graphic Design, Video

  • Art History classes include Survey of Art (Prehistoric-Renaissance), 19th Century Art, 20th Century Art, Renaissance Art, Venetian Art and Architecture (studied abroad in Venice), Baroque Art and Culture, and Painting Conservation (Byzantine-Contemporary), History of Scientific Illustration

  •  “The Art Museum”- curates and coordinates an exhibit from start to finish (conceptualization, communication, advertisement, acquiring, hanging, packing and delivery)

Exhibition, Recognition, and Publication


  • "Sirens," included in "Hindsight: 2020," #23. Hudson Guild Arts. New York, NY. January 2021. 

  • "Whales" and "Qi Gong Connects me to Consiousness" published in online journal, The Inquirer, BMCC, Fall 2020. Page 49 & 56. I also assisted with much of the student work 47-73. 

  • "Dawn,"my first manipulated photograph included in group exhibition, "Reality & Perception: Photography at a Crossroad," Upstream Gallery, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. Jan-February 2019.

  • "Island of Life" exhibited at "Deck the Walls," New York Academy of Art, New York NY. December 2018. 

  • "Moro Rock" displayed in "Take Home a Nude," New York Academy of Art, New York NY. October 2018.

  • Awakening in the Moss” and “Meteor Man” published in Spotlight Magazine, Issue 7, June 2018

  • Martha and Walter Erlebacher Award, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY. May 2018 ​​.

  • "Equine Tranquillity" exhibited in "Sublimed: Contemporary Romantics," Di Donna Gallery, New York NY. February 2018.

  • "Uncertain Strength," "Julie," and "Rumination" exhibited at "New Works," Theatre for the New City, New York, NY. November 2017-January  2018.  

  • "Molokai," "Celery Root," and "Lido" included in "Deck the Walls," New York Academy of Art, New York NY. December 2017.

  • "Venus Fly Traps" included in "Single Fare," Group Exhibition of paintings on Metrocards. Highline Stages, New York, NY. September 2017.

  • "Into the Sun" featured at silent auction, "Little Gems," LCU Fund for Women's Education, Manhattan Club, New York. October 2017.

  • "Meteor Man," "Rise of Life," and "Fire of Rebirth," included in "New York Academy of Art & Gallery Poulsen," Group Exhibition at Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, Denmark, August-September 2017.

  • Book cover and book illustrations published in Healing Trauma from the Inside Out,: Practices from the East and West, by Pamela Tinkham, MSW, LCSW. 

  • "Carboniferous Period," "Storm in Zurich," and "Symphony," at "Deck the Walls," New York Academy of Art, New York NY. December 2016.

  • Awakening and Epiphany: Solo Exhibition at Dobbs Ferry Library, September-October 13 2016.

  • Article written on my exhibition in local newspaper, The Rivertowns Enterprise, October 2016. 

  • "Neurosea," "Egg Supernova Remnant" in Group Exhibition, "Back to School," LiTM, Jersey City, NJ. Sept.-Oct. 2016

  • Guest speaker and participant at "Entertaining Science: The Muse at the Birth of the Universe" Cornelia Street Cafe, New York. June 2016.

  • Explorations: Land, Sky, and Space: Solo Exhibition at Byram-Schubert Library, Greenwich, CT. May 1-31, 2016.

  • Featured page published in International Contemporary Artists, Volume XI, May 2016.

  •  “The Wanderer,” exhibited “A Benefit for NYC’s Homeless,” 5th Annual Spring Art Exhibition, at The Grand Central Neighborhood, through the Art Students League. 2016.

  • Published as the cover for Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), FRASCATI PHYSICS SERIES, "INFN What Next: Ultra-relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions 2016," March 2016.

  • Special Recognition given to "Into the Light," from Group Exhibition, Dan Thompson-Figure Drawing. Art Students League, New York, February 2016.

  • Artworks incorporated as visuals for various important physics conferences, such as "Jet Suppression" on page 64: Conference "Quark Matter," Japan, September 2015. 

  • "Radiation Birth," Body of work exhibited at "Glow Crazy" Blacklight Reactive Artwork, Los Angeles CA. July 2015.

  • Group Exhibition "December Showcase II," Palisades, 906 Broadway Ave, Brooklyn NY. December 2014-January 2015.

  • Featured in “Fiat Physica, 12 Days of Physics"- Day 8: "Eight Gluons Gluing,” through, December 2014.

  • Glamorous Gluons: Solo Exhibition at Brookhaven National Lab, site of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, Upton, NY. June 2014.

  • Installation of my artwork remains on the walls of the Physics department of the lab today.

  • "Glamorous Gluons: RHIC's Quark Gluon Plasma Through an Artist's Eyes," Article about the exhibition, RHIC News, June 2014.

  • “QGP Entering Hadronization” published in "Big Bang, Today," article in Hungarian Magazine Müvelödés, June 2014.

  • “Colliding Gold Nuclei” used as the cover design for "When Worlds Collide: Talk Exploring the Pratt-Brookhaven Science-Art Collaborations,” presented at international conferences: "Winter Workshop," Galveston, Texas, and "Collective Dynamics in Heavy Ion Collisions," Crete, Greece. April and September 2014.

  • Various paintings included in "December Showcase," Group Exhibition at Palisades, 906 Broadway Ave, Brooklyn NY. December 2013.

  • Cosmogony of Consciousness: Solo Exhibition at Pratt Institute, East Hall Gallery, 200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn. November 2013.

  • "The Finite Strives to Grasp the Infinite", included in Group Exhibition "Effigy," The Painting Center, New York. August 2013.

  • Group Exhibition, "Flameproof II," Westbeth Gallery, New York, NY. June 2013.

  • "Comb Jellyfish Nebula" exhibited in "Flameproof: Bushwick" The Bogart, Brooklyn. June 2013.

  • "Colliding Galaxies" included in Flameproof: Group Exhibition, Gagosian Gallery, 375 Park Avenue, New York. May 2013.

  • “Starborn” and “Mourningrise” included in "Holiday Exhibition" at South Presbyterian Church, 343 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry NY. December 2012.

  • Honorary Mention for "Persuasive Vegetables," Connecticut's Annual Congressional Art Competition. Hung in Connecticut Congressman Jim Himes' office from 2009-2011.

  • Received the "Robert W. Amick Award," from the Art Society of Old Greenwich, 2009.

  • Received special recognition awards from Greenwich High School for Fine Art, High Academic Achievement, as well as a smaller award for pursuits in Physics.​


  • Assistant for Digital Art/Art 101 at BMCC, New York, NY Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.

  • Instructor for Figure Drawing and Pre College Program at Ashcan Studio of Art, New York, June- Novermber 2018.

  • Assistant for New York Academy of Art, History and Theory of Composition, Fall 2018.

  • Substitute Teacher for the Greenwich School System, Greenwich, CT. Also chosen as long term substitute for one of the art teachers--for High School, Elementary, and Pre-School. Teaching experience k-12-- Art, Math, Science, English, and some special education. 

  • Private art tutoring at various ages, including elementary, college, and adult levels.

  • Workshop on  “How to Draw Dogs and Cats” Byram-Schubert Library, Greenwich, CT. March 8th, 2016.

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